What masks and mantels are you wearing in life?

Real masks are worn for many reasons today, especially at Carnival times in some communities and at Halloween. 

The mantel is making a fashion comeback in a simplified version among women as the poncho-like covering that offers an opening for the head and falls just below the waist. In ancient times, the mantel was a long floor-length cloak, often with a hood and tie at the neck. Think Red Riding Hood or Clara Barton. Its purpose was for warmth by day and night. Over the first centuries of the advent of Christianity, the mantel became an ornate and symbolic piece of clothing worn by Knights, Bishops, and others of ecclesiastical significance.

Today, I’m speaking figuratively of masks and mantels. 

Masks are worn to create anonymity. Mantels are worn to openly symbolize who you are.

You get to choose the masks and mantels you take on. Choose carefully. If what’s really behind your mask is contradictory to the mantel you are wearing, you’ll eventually run into emotional and even social trouble.

You will invariably try on different mantels and masks in an effort to figure out who you want to be.  But a word of caution is in order. If you stay too long in a mask or mantel, you may find it hard to take them off. 

Be true to what you already know in your heart about yourself and your personality. If you are an introvert, no mask will make you the life of the party for long. If you accepted Christ somewhere along the way but now find yourself wearing a cultural mantel that does not fit with what it means to be a follower of Christ, take that mantel off.

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