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A Worthy Girl’s Guide to Life

A successful life is not random.

The path to all the things you desire will include challenges and hard decisions. The secrets are not complex, but you must first understand… read more

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Seventeen-year-old Worthy lives in a house full of secrets. She dreams of getting away from her family and out of Hogan’s Creek. But in the summer of 1945, a murder changes everything. Suddenly, her life becomes consumed with a reckless yet… read more


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What People are Saying

“A most worthy book”

A most worthy book! A simple charm coupled with an unfolding who dun it all the while sharing the opening of a beautiful flower; a young woman named worthy. A must read from a very discerning reader

—Joe Franklin

“I read this book in
one sitting”

Worthy is a debut novel that I read in one sitting. The author, Carla Harper, is a skilled novelist who has done her homework in writing this historical novel. The book is set in North Carolina in the mid-1940’s and the characters are authentic to those times. I really enjoyed Worthy and loved the way it ended.

—Rebecca Henderson

My mother raised me to believe that I was worthy.”

My mother raised me to believe that I was worthy. That my life meant something and I ought to make something of it. That it was okay to stand out and go against the grain if it meant doing what I knew was right. I believe she raised Worthy the same way.

From the moment I was born, she poured her very soul into me and I saw her do the same with this story. Worthy grew alongside me from infancy to publication. Watching her leave the nest and getting to be her voice for the Audible version felt like loving a sister I never had.

—Maggie Harper

“I’m Loving it!”

“I’m LOVING your book.  I’m forcing myself to put it down at night, both because I need to sleep, and because I DREAD the day it’s finished!  I LOVE it!! Seriously, it’s written so “colorfully” and it gives a realistic picture of small town life in the South in the 40’s.

-Lynn, Proud mom of Major Ben, Officer of Marines

Carla G. Harper - Author, Publisher, Speaker