Some consequences are good such as an “A” after studying hard or a friendship deepening after putting forth effort. Other consequences are bad. For example, limited college choices for the student who slacked off in High School or a car (or life) totaled after someone texted while driving.

“It’s all good” is not true. It’s not all good. Words and actions have consequences – some happy and some sad.

God set in motion a number of principles that have a regulating effect on all humans without discrimination. The most basic of laws relates to consequences. It is often called the Law of the Harvest because farming or gardening are perfect examples of how this principle of consequences works throughout nature.

The farmer tills the soil in the early spring and puts seed in the ground late spring. Throughout the summer she tends the crop for a harvest in the fall. The harvest is impacted by numerous factors, including weather, how much fertilizer is used, irrigation, insects or disease, etc. But one thing is for sure, if the farmer fails to plant a desired seed or if the fields are left untended through out the spring and summer, there will not be a crop. She’ll have weeds and nothing of value.

You are one of a kind and designed to do special things with your life. But you are not exempt from the Law of the Harvest. What sort of seeds are you sowing today? You will always reap what you sow.

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