God is the perfect teacher. He provides opportunities to learn by doing. There’s always a test, and like school, they get harder as you move up.

In God’s school of life, age does not determine level and you keep taking the same tests until you “get” them. Sometimes you get stuck on one particular test. God patiently gives you repeated opportunities to practice.

God’s tests are character based. He’s concerned about your attitude and how you handle what he gives you. He does this because he wants to bless you and use you in work he needs done here on earth. Like a coach, he doesn’t want to send a player into the game unprepared. It will not go well for the game, and it will harm the player, either literally or their sense of self-worth.

He never sets you up to fail. He won’t throw you in the deep end, unless he knows you really can swim.

For example, honesty is a big one with God. If you are dishonest with yourself or about little things, He knows you’ll be dishonest about big things. Humans may promote you based on raw talent or your ability to manipulate the truth and situations.

If you want to enjoy the peace that accompanies being right where God has put you, in his timing, accomplishing his plan for your life, accept the trials and challenges (tests) that come your way. Get through them with patience and diligence.

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