This July 4, 2020 could become one of the most remembered Independence Days. Our country is full of unrest. Statues placed in remembrance of dead leaders are being torn down and defaced. Those who want to destroy and replace the American system are making rapid progress.

If you study the truth about American history, your faith in God and your country will increase. 

Jesus placed high value on the individual and freedom. America was founded as a reflection of that foundational principle. The early church, just like early Americans, made mistakes. They were driven by the same human nature you possess today. When you look past the imperfections at the results, you see a country that has done more for the individual and human freedom than any other throughout history. 

Keep fighting for truth and your country.  Demand of yourself and your country a respect for the humanity of the individual. For this is at the heart of true democracy.

A call for individual freedom is in part what Socrates, Seneca, Cicero, Jesus’ disciples, and martyrs throughout history died for. They saw the evil in government that treated people like a commodity, i.e., what they could produce for the few in power.  

Be leery of politicians who talk about one group of people’s rights over another group’s or who pit one group against another. For example, teachers, people of color, handicapped people, and so on.

If you will speak up and fight for the rights of individuals as given by God, you will help everyone regardless of profession, skin color, or any other factor. America is still good and will be as long as individuals act out of goodness and appreciation for each other. There’s no other system that will avoid the ills that plague this country and all others.

Carla G. Harper - Author, Publisher, Speaker