When my daughter was about to turn eighteen, I sought to summarize the most important things I had learned in life for her. It was the list I’d want to leave if that day was the last day I got to speak to her. 

Through her education and life experience, she’s decided that the Bible is untrue, not a good guide for life. 

This is an important decision each person must make. Many make the decision without every really thinking about it. She has the advantage of having been taught at home and in school for eighteen years. So, her decision is not made out of ignorance. 

It’s a good exercise to attempt summarizing what you would leave behind as wisdom for your children, if today was your last chance.  

Here’s my list:

1.Let your first and last thought each day be of the Lord. Thank him, ask that the Holy Spirt protect and guide you in every word and action

2.Never fear the truth. Seek the truth with everything you’ve got

3.Don’t give yourself away sexually until you are married to the man who has proven during dating with actions that he will love and respect you

4. Use your freewill to remain free. The enemy has devised all forms of slavery for people – debt, addiction, people pleasing, unforgiveness 

5. Exercise your mind and body every day in some way 

6. Don’t place tattoos on your body. It is a symbol of slavery placed throughout history onto the oppressed by their oppressors 

7. Give 10 percent of every dollar you earn. Save at least 10 percent of your earnings 

8. Don’t play games with people. Be real. Love all where they are without compromising you 

9. Never indulge in self-pity, lies, unforgiveness, or hopelessness. You are never a victim 

10. God is in control of every aspect of your life. Ask him for what you want. Trust him in everything 

11. Do the work God gives you without complaint 

12. Only God owns you. You are free 

13. Be friendly to all. Give everyone a chance. Trust yourself only to those who’ve proven with actions that they are capable of appreciating the gift of being close to you 

Carla G. Harper - Author, Publisher, Speaker