You are called to use good judgment but not to judge individuals. Often Christians confuse the difference between judging others and using good judgment. 
Actions (words and deeds) are always the only way to form the basis for using your good judgment. 
God established laws and principles to keep an order to the universe and individual lives as well as to provide a lighted path for people. In Deuteronomy 11: 26 – 36, God explains that following his order leads to blessings. Ignoring the order leads to curses.
You have a responsibility to protect the order of things in your life, home, community, and country. This means that turning a blind eye to activity and ideas that contradicts good order is wrong. Righting wrongs is not your job alone, but you must use judgment based on God’s teachings.
You do not have a right to judge individuals, even your own family. God is the judge. He will convict hearts, work circumstances and consequences together for the good of each person.
The tension between responsibility to use judgment and getting along in society is great. Our society as a whole has allowed for things we know are wrong. It feels judgmental to speak against them even though we know good judgment would not condone them in our own lives.
Discernment is required in these areas that have become land mines of controversy, often dividing family and neighbors. Make up your mind to uphold truth and God’s order in your life and home. When confronted with questions about God’s order, do not be afraid to speak truth or work for it to be upheld in the laws and social mores of your community and country.
God will judge you on how you responded to opportunities to stand up for truth as well as the measure of compassion and mercy you showed individuals. Your imperfection does not negate your responsibility to speak up for God’s laws and principles.

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